Legislative Advocacy

PTA is one of the nation's oldest advocacy organizations. PTA has been an advocate for children since 1897 and has always been at the forefront in supporting laws that benefit children. One PTA purpose is to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. So, what is the definition of Advocacy within the guidelines of of PTA?

Advocacy in PTA is simply communicating about an issue for which National or State PTA has adopted a position by speaking, writing, phoning, or emailing. The purpose of the communication can be to inform, educate, persuade or increase the level of awareness about the issue. PTA members are advocates for children and their parents. PTA members have and still advocate on a wide variety of child-related issues: education, health, nutrition, safety, juvenile protection, welfare reform, parent and family life, and drug abuse prevention, to name a few.

Every PTA member can be an effective advocate. The process is always the same: identify, research and understand the issue; identify the decision-maker; and develop and communicate the message. The process is not always easy, and dedication and perseverance are usually required. 

The PTA helps you gain the skills and get the resources you need to advocate to improve the lives of children in your school and in your community. Here are a few resources that can help you in your advocacy efforts: 

San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs encourages all PTA members to sign up with Ed100 as a way to learn more about how our California public education system works and to have a chance to win $1,000 for their school's PTA. Be sure to add Live Oak Elementary School when you create your account so that our PTA gets credit!  

What is Ed100?

Ed100 has teamed up with California State PTA to provide a practical way for parent leaders, teachers and community members to learn about education issues, one lesson at a time. Ed100 is a free, self-paced online course that prepares you to make a difference in your school or school district. California's education system is complex and changing fast. Ed100 helps you learn what you need to know to be informed, credible and ready for action. Each lesson takes about 5 minutes, in English or in Spanish. Here's a quick video to explain Ed100 a bit more: https://youtu.be/0Z2XwEbukYU 

Which lessons should I start with?
Our PTA council has highlighted a few lessons which specifically address topics that have been widely discussed in our San Ramon Valley school communities:

Ed100 CHAPTER 8 - Lessons on Taxes and School Funding
  • Lesson 8.3: Who Pays
  • Lesson 8.4: Prop 13 and Prop 98
  • Lesson 8.5: LCFF Local Control Funding Formula
  • Lesson 8.7: Allocations
  • Lesson 8.10: Parcel Taxes
  • Lesson 8.11: More Money for Education
How do I win the $1,000 for my PTA?
When you complete a lesson on Ed100 and answer the review question correctly, you earn a ticket for your PTA to be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 prize. We invite you to sign up for Ed100 and start earning those tickets. The next drawing is on Thursday, December 7th, 2017. Please note: a rule of the $1,000 drawing is that you need to have at least two Ed100 participants from your school! When you sign in for Ed100, you can check the Leaderboard for a list of your school participants. By using Ed100, our school PTA could be the lucky winner and you'll know even more about our education systems!  

We, the members of the Live Oak PTA, join with the San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs, the California PTA (CAPTA) and the National PTA to create a powerful and effective legislative advocacy organization. The goal at the local, state and federal level is to support and speak on behalf of all children and youth in schools, to the community, and before governmental agencies and other organizations that make decisions effecting children. 

For more information, and on how to become part of our dynamic Legislative Advocacy Committee, visit https://www.srvcouncilpta.org/copy-of-campaign-4-1Contact our Live Oak PTA's VP of Legislative Advocacy, Saira Pasha at legadvocacy@liveoakpta.net with questions or feedback.

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