Birthday Marquee Announcements

The deadline to purchase announcements on the birthday marquee has passed. 
We will accept orders again next fall for the 2018-19 academic school year. Please be on the lookout for more information.

Make your child's birthday more special by wishing him/her a "Happy Birthday" on the Live Oak electronic marquee.  Due to size limitations, your message is limited to "Happy Birthday" and the student's name.  Each birthday announcement is $20. All proceeds go directly to Live Oak. Purchases must be made two weeks prior to the birthday week.

Steps to purchase a birthday announcement:
  1. Visit the Live Oak Future Funds Store to order and pay for the announcement. 
  2. Complete the form and enter the student's name and his/her birthday.  For example, Sierra C., 9/1. Birthday messages will be displayed during the week of the birthday starting on Monday. 
    1. If a birthday falls on a Saturday, the announcement will be posted on the Friday before.  
    2. If a birthday falls on a Sunday, the announcement will be posted on the Monday after. 
    3. If a birthday falls during a school break or holiday, it will be posted the day before the holiday or the Friday before the break. 
    4. Birthday announcements are only posted for the day and not the week.
  3. Hand deliver the printed receipt to the front office two weeks prior to the birthday week.