Box Tops for Education - Keep Clipping!

The classes with the most overall Box Tops (for the entire year) will enjoy a special assembly/prize!
Here is the collection totals as of May 2019:

Keep Clipping Live Oak!

Box Tops for Education is one of the nation's largest school fundraising loyalty programs. It's an easy way for schools to earn cash for school supplies and school programs. Live Oak earns 10 cents for every Box Top turned in!  Clip Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels on products you already buy!

Earn Money for Recess Equipment & Assemblies with Box Tops!

Did you know that Live Oak earns money from Box Tops? In fact, Live Oak earns more than $1,500 each year through the Box Tops program. This money pays for classroom recess equipment replenishment (balls, jump ropes, skip-its, etc) and brings assemblies to Live Oak (such as the Bay Area Children's Theater).

Here's how you can participate: 

1. Buy Box Tops for Education participating products such as General Mills Cereals, Gogurt and Trix Yogurt, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and Cake Mixes,  Ziploc Bags, Kleenex Tissue and much more. Click here for a list of participating products.
2. Clip Box Tops certificates and collect them in a ziploc bag. Ask family and friends to collect for you too. Those little certificates add up quickly.

3.  Send the Box Tops to school with your student to give to his/her teacher before the collection date. Collections are 3 times a year. 

* Be one of the top classes for the entire school year (October + February + May), and your student's class will earn a special end of the year prize.

Other ways to earn money for Live Oak as you shop:

  • Register your Safeway Club Card and choose our school to benefit from your shopping. No clipping required. Your Box Tops get added to LO's account while you shop. Click here for the one time online signup.
  • Help Live Oak earn more through the Box Tops for Education® Bonus App. Turn your everyday receipts into cash for our school. Download the Box Tops app. Scan your receipt and get bonus points in addition to the Box Tops that you clip and collect. 

Box Tops Collection Dates:
October 12, 2018
February 15, 2019
May 10, 2019


How to Clip: 
1. Look for certificates like this one on participating products and clip. 

2. Collect the Box Tops and give them to your child's teacher. 
3. Live Oak will earn $0.10 for each submitted Box Top. All of these little Box Tops add up to  big money for Live Oak's classroom recess equipment and school assemblies.
****Please Note:  Box Tops for Education does not accept EXPIRED Box Tops or Box Tops with the expiration date cut off.  Please turn your Box Tops in at regular collections to prevent the Box Tops from expiring. Do not make photocopies of Box Tops for submission!  This is unacceptable and is considered mail fraud.