The Live Oak PTA has committed to limiting fundraising in the 2010-2011 school year. Our goal is to provide the best possible programs at the lowest cost to benefit our school and our school community. The majority of our programs are planned to be financially neutral (eg, to break even between monies put out to pay for the event and any cost charged to attend or participate) and most of our programs are paid for with member dues.  Our volunteer organization provides several key school services (yearbook, directory, spirit wear) that are also fundraising vehicles. In addition we offer several smaller, optional fundraisers throughout the year (Mabels Labels, Reusable Mixed Bags) and offer sponsorships and advertising to help pay our expenses at large community oriented events. 

Our hope is that in limiting fundraising in our community and obtaining our funding by providing school services we will increase the opportunity for our school to contribute to the Live Oak Education Fund or other programs that support children and education in our community. 

We are funded by the following sources: 
- member dues (individual, family and teachers/staff)
- profits from yearbook sales
- profits from directory sales 
- profits from spirit wear
- profits from sponsorships and advertising sales
- Mabels Labels (10% of profits to the PTA)
- Box Tops (10% of profits to the PTA)
- Mixed Bags (50% of profits to the PTA)
- donations from other non-profits and events (such as SRVEF and Primos Run)

Our budget is reviewed and submitted for approval by the Membership of the Live Oak PTA at every bi-monthly PTA Association Meeting.  We are audited twice a year. Live Oak PTA meetings are held on the Live Oak Campus and are open the public. We are a non-profit 501(3)c unit of the California State PTA.