Previous Honorary Service Award Recipients

Congratulations to all our Live Oak Honorary Service Award Winners. We appreciate your dedication and service to our school, our PTA, and most importantly, our children!  A contribution 
is made by the Live Oak PTA in each recipient's name to the Honorary Service Award Program Fund which enables the California State PTA to provide scholarships for students and individuals to further their education, as well as grants for Units, Councils and Districts.

Please join us in congratulating all of our Honorary Service Award Winners 

2017-18 Award Winners:

Very Special Person Awards:

Sandhya Bellave, Live Oak Parent 
Sarah Fuller, Live Oak Teacher 
Saira Pasha, Live Oak Parent
Linda Yan, Live Oak Teacher

Honorary Service Awards:
Lori Balleza, Live Oak Speech & Language 
Divya Kamath-Nayak, Live Oak Parent 
Fatima Sheikh, Live Oak Parent 
Smitha Swamy, Live Oak Parent 
Ashwini Rao, Live Oak Parent 
Kim Tatum, Live Oak Librarian

Continuing Service Award:

Nadine Rosenzweig, Live Oak Principal 

Outstanding Teacher Award:
Wendy Maul
Marian Spalding

Outstanding Administrator Award:
Annabel Hurlburt

2015-2016 Honorary Service Award Recipients:

Very Special Person

Trang Jew

Mary Kaiser

Outstanding Teacher

Lisa Freels

Outstanding Administrator

Nadine Rosenzweig

Honorary Service Awards

Robin Klau

Nandini Prabhakar

Heidi Ellicott-Pesic

2013-2014 Honorary Service Award Recipients:
Outstanding Teacher
Kathryn Gilbert

Honorary Service Award
Melissa Wen

Very Special Person
Green Lantern Catering
Discovery Center
Jamba Juice
Cub Scout Pack 997
Girl Scout Troop 30581
Jeremy Innocenti
Sharon Clore
Erika Agraz
Chet Wehe
Joy Ofodu
Cara Senaha
Sunny Borromeo
Jason Kerner
Lili Shiau
Hema Vasudevan
Jazzy Mistry
Elise Tewell
Rachel Ratcliff
Karmina Delaney

2012-2013 Honorary Service Awards Recipients:
Continuing Service Award
Shelby Wong, 2nd Grade Teacher
Heidi Ellicott-Pesic, Parent
Honorary Service Award
Amy Kelly, Parent
Robin Klau, Parent
Nadine Rosenzweig, Principal
Melissa Wen, Parent
Alicia Moore, Parent
Laura Horvath, Parent
Colin Zink, Parent
Very Special Person
Aaron McKay, Parent
Michelle Mitchell, Parent
Sunny Borromeo, Parent
Rupa Dasani, Art Teacher
Kim Tatum, Librarian
Karin McKay, Parent
Ron Wetklow, Parent
Sandra Ybarra, Regal Theaters