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Jog-A-Thon FAQ


The Fun Run (formerly Turkey Trot) is a 9-day program and is the school’s biggest PTA fundraiser, taking place on September 21, 2016. Families will be getting pledges for the laps their student runs at the Fun Run. Funds raised from this event go toward refreshing the recess equipment, portable speaker for PE classes, surround sound system for MPR, and a mascot costume of Goldie the Eagle!

2    How can parents register their student(s)?

First, parents log in or sign up on Then, parents can register their student as a participant on using the school registration code 923-416. Students get a free prize just by being registered.

3    How can students get pledges?

Parents can help connect students to 10 different sponsors. Families can enter those pledges online at or by cash/check. Sponsors can give any dollar amount per lap or make a flat donation.

4    Will my student really run 30 laps? How big is the track?

Yes, even kindergarteners! The Fun Run track is about 1/16th of a mile, 1/4 the size of a normal high school track, 1/2 the size of a soccer field. The average student will run 30-35 laps and will have a goal to run at least 30 laps to help their school. The most any student will be counted for is 35 laps.

5   Can students receive a prize for flat donations?

Yes! All flat donations count toward pledges and are rounded by 30 (the average student will run 30 laps). So, a $30 donation is the same as $1 per lap. A $60 donation is the same as $2 per lap, etc.

6   What if families don’t have Internet?

If a student’s family does not have Internet access, parents and families can use the pledgebook to record all pledges. If students turn their pledgebook into their teacher, please make sure student and class name are listed on the front.

7    Can sponsors pay for pledges online?

YES! Sponsors have the option to pay online. Only pledges that have an email address entered with the pledge can be paid online. Make sure sponsors know they should enter a valid email address. The day after the Fun Run event, sponsors will receive an email with payment options.

8   When is the pledge money due?

Pledge money is due by September 21st. Any remaining pledges are due by September 26th.

9  How is money collected?

Families will call their sponsors to let them know how many laps their student ran. All students will get an envelope to organize cash and checks and bring back to school (if sponsors don’t pay online). All checks should be made payable to “Live Oak PTA”.

Melanie Wong,
Sep 1, 2016, 9:14 AM