Run Club - Wednesdays

Run Club resumes January 30, 2019!  

Who: Open to all Live Oak students

When: Wednesday mornings - beginning September 12 (wear your Run for Ed Tshirt!)

Where: Tiffany Roberts Sports Field

Time: 7:20-7:45 am

Come meet our PE teachers at 7:20 am and run 5 laps around Tiffany Roberts Sports Park. According to, exercise in the morning gets your blood flowing, more oxygen to your brain and that means you can think better.

Our Run Club was started to help improve overall cardiovascular health, and help students begin their day with some exercise, run as a family, or mingle with other LO students. Run Club also prepares students to pass the "mile run" portion of the California Physical Fitness Test given to all 5th graders.

Live Oak Run Club is a FUN experience for all ages and fitness levels (run or walk the 5 laps), non-competitive (all students are successful), earn 5k, 10k, 15k, ½-marathon and full-marathon recognition and rewards. This year's goal is to complete a FULL marathon (26.2 miles) by showing up every Tuesday throughout the Run Club season (28 times).

Run Club may be canceled due to inclement weather conditions, school holidays, or school events.  Please look for updates on the PTA website, Live Oak PTA's Facebook page and the School website.

Please carefully read the rules and details below before registering your child(ren).

1. Parent must accompany students to the drop-off and check in at the front gate ONLY. Please do not enter and or exit the field from the side gate.

2. Parents must stay during the run club and walk back with their child/children gate after completing the laps.

3. Parents are welcome to run/walk alongside with their child/children.

4. Ms J will start promptly at 7:25 a.m. Please arrive early to check in and warm up.

5. Students will need to wear appropriate running shoes, PE attire, and bring a water bottle.

6. Backpacks and other items must be stored inside the field.

7. Each participating student is expected to complete 5 laps (1 mile) per day. Ms J will note the attendance on a punch card after the session based on the sign-in sheet attendance.

8. Ms. J will periodically provide acknowledgement and/or prizes for participating students.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please contact  Ms. Janssen at

Congratulations to these Live Oak Run Club students!
They have completed the following running milestones in 2017-2018 ...
5th grade- 66 total miles
Zach (Mrs. Freels) with 11 miles

4th grade - 80 miles
Satvik (Mrs. Maul) with 12 miles

3rd grade - 34 miles
Pragnya (Mrs. Samra) 12 miles

2nd grade- 81 miles
Sebestian (Mrs. Dieckhans) 11 miles

1st grade - 32 miles
Damien (Mrs. Lehto) 11 miles

TK/Kinder- 14 miles
Chris (Mrs. Smith) 6 miles

Total miles 307