All donations include a commemorative placard in the book honoring your child!

Help fill the Live Oak library for your student and future students today!  

Mrs. Legate, our Live Oak Librarian, has purchased a selection of fiction and non-fiction books needed by the library for this program.  After your donation is received, Mrs. Legate will invite your child to the library during school hours to choose an age-appropriate book.

A commemorative placard will be placed in the front interior of all Adopted Books, highlighting the fact that this book was purchased in honor of your child.   Your child will immediately be able to check out the book and will be able to take it home and proudly show your family their own name in the book.  Once the book is returned, it will be temporarily displayed in a special section of the library as a thank you to all the families that helped to purchase the books.

The Adopted Books will become a permanent part of our school’s library and a lasting record of your children’s years at Live Oak Elementary School.  Future generations will enjoy them for many years to come.

You can adopt-a-book by making a donation to the Live Oak FutureFund Store

Note:  Adopt-A-Book donations may be tax deductible (speak to your tax advisor).  You will receive a receipt if you pay online.  If you pay by check using this form, your check will be your receipt.  Thank you for your donation!