Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

May 6-10

The Teachers and Staff Appreciation week was a huge success and thank you to all the volunteers for your support and participation. Our superstar teachers and staff felt greatly appreciated by the week-long celebration that included a special breakfast, movie-time snacks, catered lunch (Chipotle), frozen Menchie’s treats, and delicious desserts, as well as the special activities, treats and gifts by our kids each day during the week.

Special mention to PTA volunteers Lili Shiau and Vidhi Modi for organizing the week long event for our staff!

Let's celebrate our amazing superstars during our annual Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, May 6-10. 

Students and families are encouraged to participate in our daily activities (see the flyer below for details). 

We need your help to make this week a special occasion for our 107 staff members who work tirelessly 

on behalf of our children and community.

Sign up at https//bit.ly/3vQW1yI to support our specially planned events. 

Live Oak PTA will host a breakfast (Monday), a catered lunch (Wednesday), 

and frozen treats (Thursday) for our staff. 

Contact roomparent@liveoakpta.net with questions. 

Some families may choose to purchase gift cards for teachers and staff. Unfortunately, several teachers received gift cards with zero balances last year. To avoid gift card scammers, we strongly advise families to avoid purchasing gift cards at big kiosks in grocery stores and discount department stores. Instead, if you wish to purchase a gift card for someone, buy the cards stored behind a cashier OR send a gift card electronically. For example, buy Amazon gift cards directly from Amazon.