Virtual Math Night - 2024

Wondermath is offering 4 free sessions to ALL  Live Oak Students. Here are instructions to use their free services:

This offer will be available for Live Oak throughout the remainder of the academic year (and into summer as well).  

    Virtual  Math Night

Feb 15, 2024

It was an amazing night of math! Kids had a very engaging and fun time along with story telling to learn math concepts with the WonderMath team. 

K-3 students focused on modeling and interpreting division (w/2 and 3) as numbers of groups and sizes of groups. 4-5 students learnt area models, multiplication and division to show equivalence of fractions. Kids loved earning the gems as they solved the problems during the session! 

How to use the gems you earned?? You can use the gems when you register for 4 free sessions. See below to know how to register.

Did you miss the virtual math night?? We missed you at this fun event.