Eagles' Marketplace

Apr 19, 2024, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

APPLICATIONS : https://forms.gle/ksndYzcM8BiWNzxw6

Applications closed now. Waistlisted candidates will be contacted if new spots open up

Final List of Shortlisted Businesses

Take a look at their business Proposals here

The Magical Shiny Store


Lavender and Hope's Creations

Riri's Crayons

Kawaii Surprise

Stunning Creations


Cloudy's Company Slime Business


Creative Jelly arts

The Xtra Custom World

Crochet Crafters Guild

Art From Nature

WonderWorks Art-Science Studio

StickerGami Shop

Tashvi's Fashion Jewelery (TFJ)

Kian's Lego Art

Loop De Loop Crochet

Akshay's Random Stuff

Plushie Co

S&R Store

Behind The Door


Evie's Enchanted Eden

Neil's Creations