Recipes by Live Oak students

Star Chefs - Recipe Showcase Winners

Week 3

Here are few words from this week's judge, 2nd grade teacher Mr Robert Alvarez - "After careful consideration with fellow teachers and my wife, we have decided that Snowman Delight is the winner. We loved how creative the recipe was while also being healthy and nutritious. We think the food will be delicious to eat while also being very fun to make. "

Week 2

Here are few words from this week's judge, 4th grade teacher Ms Jacqueline Green - "This Sweet Potato and Dates Pudding sounds delicious and offers a fun nutritious twist to traditional pudding. Adding Sweet Potatoes and Dates adds natural sweetness so you don’t have to add a lot of additional sugar, and I also love the short prep time! Lastly, the addition of cranberries and pumpkin seeds is a great idea for texture and added flavor. I might even add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg. Overall, it's a creative and healthy dessert option, especially for those looking for alternatives to traditional puddings. I hope everyone enjoys this yummy pudding!

Week 1 

Here are few words from this week's judge, Live Oak PTA's Health and Wellness Chair, Ms Lili Shiau - Olivia's nutritious and adorable Pet Porcupine snack looks tasty to eat and fun to make! Eating a rainbow of colors everyday helps keep you healthy and strong. Fruits and vegetables contain different phytonutrients which give them their color and taste. Each color provides distinctive nutrients and health benefits. Add a variety of color (and nutrition) to your diet by trying Olivia's Pet Porcupine Snack recipe!"

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